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Key words: The intelligent shared mobility

Company Profile

Since June 2015, CS GROUP operates the world’s first, full electric, free floating car sharing service, with more than 1,500 ZD cars deployed in 4 Italian cities: Milano, Florence, Rome and Modena. The Italian operations of CS Group have built the foundation for a major expansion of the Share’ngo service within continental Europe, planned for 2018/2019. The company has designed, developed - and is constantly improving - the IT-Telcom platform required to efficiently operate a multinational electric car sharing business.
At CIEPEC this year, CS Group presents its special car enabled to collect a variety of environmental data like air and noise pollution, electromagnetic exposure and traffic congestion. The car has been developed for the ECOWATCH – INTELLIGENT SEED PROJECT developed in collaboration with Fastweb, the main internet provider in Italy, and AMAT, the Territory and the Environment Agency of the City of Milan.

Innovative Solution/Technology

The Share’ngo Ecowatch cars are all equipped with a Fastweb Wi-Fi modem featuring a double-SIM connection, a video camera and the new, mobile version of the environmental data collection device, Nuvap N1 specifically developed for this project.
The eight environmental measurements collected by the Share’ngo Ecowatch fleet are transmitted daily to the Intelligent Seed Share'ngo server as well as AMAT, in order to be compared and confronted, where possible, with the data gathered by ARPA, the environmental detection stations of Milano.

Type of Collaboration

Licensing Technology / Tech-Transfer, Joint Ventures, Alliances, Direct Equity Investment (Inbound)


Add: Via dei Pelaghi 162, Livorno, Italy
Postal Code: 57124
Contact person: Luca Mortara / Claudia Damari
Tel: +39 348 5644613/0586 1733556
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.