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About us


Who we are

EEGEX is an Italian Scientific and Trade Association, whose statutory purpose is to promote the international exchange of technologies and know-how in the areas of Environment and Energy.

The Organization acquires and expands the international activities previously carried out by the Italian National Association for the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, by creating a network of stakeholders and members distributed in China, Europe and USA; even so, the beating heart of the Organization stays in Venice, Italy.

What we do

EEGEX helps all the interested Organizations (Companies, Research Facilities, Universities, Public Administrations and Agencies, ect.) to establish and develop relationships with potential partners, aimed to start up and manage initiatives of technology and know-how transfer and business agreements.

How we work

We establish relationships and sign cooperation agreements with Public and Private Organizations, with which we share purposes and goals, we also get official accreditation by Public Administrations, all to prepare a platform of services to assist who seeks our help and to establish complex work Programmes.

Our Programmes aim to

  • establish contacts and relationships with local Public Administrations and Agencies
  • attend tradeshows, meetings and business matchmaking sessions
  • arrange exchanges of business and institutional delegations
  • organize demonstration activities and projects
  • arrange training and education

Our Network

  • Public Bodies and Agencies
    • FECO/MEP - Foreign Economic Cooperation Office of Ministry of Environmental Protection, as technical partner of Remtech Expo, HUB partner for Italy of 3iPET, FECO's platform for environmental technologies.
    • CTEX - China Technology Exchange, national Chinese agency for Technology Transfer
    • Beijing Academy of Eco Civilization
    • Foshan 30°C (Business accelerator operated by CTEX)
  • NGOs
    • EACHAM - European American Chamber of Commerce & Industry (
    • IGEA - International Green Economy Association (
    • Hebei Environment Protection Federation

We also cooperate, on project basis, with a number of other Organizations, among wich:

  • South China Institute for Environmental Sciences
  • China Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
  • Zhejiang International Technology Transfer Center


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