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Ariston Thermo (China) Co., Ltd.

Key words: Hot water Boiler

Company profile

Ariston Thermo (China) Co., Ltd. is the exclusively funded venture by Ariston Thermo Group , which was established in 1930 .The headquarter is located in Fabriano, the northern city of Italy. Ariston Thermo Group is an advanced cooperation devoting himself to producing heating and hot water products. Since founded , Ariston Thermo Group is an International cooperation supplying all series of hot water and heating products .Ariston Thermo Group regards good quality and safety as his own mission , keeps combining innovative technology ,energy saving ,environmental friendly and fashion design together and, last but the least, offers global users all series of heating and hot water products not only in domestic but also in commercial areas ,which bring comprehensive warm to all of our consumers and constantly improve the life quality of consumers. There are around 20 brands in Ariston Thermo Group ,especially ELCO and ARISTON are world famous .
ELCO, Germany Brand, a subsidiary of Ariston Thermo Group, was founded in 1928 in Vilters, Switzerland. ELCO is a worldwide pioneer in heating technology and the market leader all over the world. We enthusiastically develop innovative systems and passionately deliver the best heating solutions to our customers.
For over 80 years ELCO has been at the forefront of burner, condensing boiler and solar technology, installing over 1.7 million heating system throughout Europe.
Year of foundation: 1995
Number of employees: 834
Annual Turnover: 1.5 billion yuan

Innovative solution/technology

1. elco patented stainless steel water-cooled burner, quickly reduce the flame temperature, inhibit the production of harmful substances;
2. High-quality water-cooled super corrosion resistant stainless steel heat exchanger, a molding without solder joints;
3. Fully modular and premix fan, to maintain the best mixing ratio to ensure complete combustion;
4. Powerful intelligent control system, easy to achieve a variety of control needs, no amount external custom control system, significant savings in control system investment.
Maximum efficiency 110%, NOx emissions less than 30 mg/m3


Add: No.9 Xing Chuang Yi Road, Wuxi Singapore Industrial Park, Wuxi, Jiangsu
Contact person: TAO WANG
Tel: 15335205797
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: http://www.elco.net.cn