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Full Profile (English) 完整资料(英文)

We are an environmental engineering company with in-house laboratories for environmental, chemical and biological tests.
Our story began 35 years ago when the environmental protection was beginning to be discussed by lawmakers. Our training has taken place in Italy, a country in which the environmental laws have grown rapidly over the years and where the geomorphological features of the area, varied in its shape and densely conform to human requirements, are particularly complex, the daily confrontation with new and newer issues has allowed us to gain a unique experience we make avail to enterprises and institutions.
We can count of the work and passion of 250 engineers, experts in engineering, scientific, legal and economic matters.
Our offices are located in various regional areas apt to answer the territorial needs of the entire Country with specific competence.
Thanks to our experience, competence and commitment, we are able to face the growing environmental needs effectively in European and non-European Countries including China.
Solid skills, multidisciplinary approach, constant updating and effective communication with the institutions. These are the characteristics that make us the ideal partner for the solution of any issue connected to the environment.
We offer the guarantee of an integrated planning and synergic planning between the various themes, in line with reference regulatory requirements and with an eye on the cost-benefit ratio.
Our aim is to identify, thanks to the understanding of specific needs, the best answer for each situation, both in professional and economic sustainability terms.
We can directly manage the relationship with the controlling authorities directly, relieving our clients of this complex task, starting from the study and planning phase and until the activity is fully running.
We work for private and government organisations.
Our customers include companies in the industrial and energy sector, large enterprises of the oil&gas sector, building and infrastructure companies, reclamation and depollution firms, financial groups.
In the public world, we work for administrative institutions, for utility companies and territorial management institutions.
The Engineering sector deals with environmental permitting and with the assessment of the impacts in the industrial, energy planning areas and the mitigation of impacts, of the management of environmental aspects for the construction of infrastructures and their insertion in the territory, the study and planning of reclamations and the safety of polluted areas and abandoned dumping areas.
The staff consists of engineers, chemists, biologists, geologists and agronomists, but also economists and legal experts, sociologists, doctors and experts in the field of safety and health at the workplace.

The Laboratory sector, as well as providing a constant support to the activities of the engineering area, operates autonomously for chemical and biological tests. For the environmental sector, it performs characterisations of the polluted areas aimed at reclamation projects, the monitoring of water, air, support ground for the construction of major infrastructures, tests for the classification of waste and the characterisation of wastewater for remediation activities and industrial processes, the characterisations of groundwater, surface and marine water for the study and characterization of the territories.
For the food sector, chemical tests, biological and consulting activities for food processing companies.
The result of the activities is a complete service for the analysis and consultancy that allows obtaining the conditions to manage environmental issues in compliance with the regulations, the prevention of impacts and protection of the territory.




Full Profile (Chinese) 完整资料(中文)










工程部门负责环境许可和工业、能源规划领域和减缓影响的评估、管理基础设施建设及其在该领域的环境影响管理、研究和规划 填海工程以及污染地区和废弃堆场的安全。工作人员由工程师、化学家、生物学家、地质学家和农学家组成,还包括工作场所安全和健康领域的经济学家和法律专家、社会学家、医生和专家。

实验室部门也不断支持工程领域的活动、自主进行化学和生物测试。 对于环境部门来说,它表征了污染地区的特点,旨在填海工程、监测水、空气、建设主要基础设施的支持地点、废物分类测试以及修复活动和工业过程废水表征、地下水、地表水和海水的特征以用于研究和描述领土。





Business Registration Number 统一社会信用代码





Year of establishment 成立时间





Annual turnover 年营业额 (EUR)

10000000 - 25000000




Number of employees 员工人数

100 - 249




Contact person 联系人

Bertolini Nicola




Phone number 电话

+39 0585855624




Address 地址

Via Frassina,21




Zip code 邮政编码





Country 国





Website 网站


IE Expo 2016 cn, Turang, IE Expo 2018 cn, IE Expo 2018