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Full Profile (English) 完整资料(英文)

The Caprari group is a leading independent group on a worldwide level in the production of centrifugal pumps and electric pumps and in the creation of advanced solutions for management of the integrated water cycle and professional sectors such as Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Mining and General Industry.
Its experience in this sector, its continuous innovation, its products’ high technological content, the reliability and flexibility of its service have enabled Caprari to become a point of reference worldwide.
Caprari’s continuous research is aimed at manufacturing products at the service of the environment, both as its protection and as optimisation of energy performances and savings.
Thanks to exclusive and diversified know-how, Caprari offers the best and most efficient solutions for the main water supllying requirements: from extraction in deep wells to lifting waste and drainage water, supplying and distributing water in residential, industrial and irrigation spheres to the most varied water treatment applications and fire fighting systems.




Full Profile (Chinese) 完整资料(中文)








Business Registration Number 统一社会信用代码





Year of establishment 成立时间





Annual turnover 年营业额 (EUR)

10000000 - 250000000




Number of employees 员工人数

500 - 749




Contact person 联系人

Palaia Massimiliano




Phone number 电话

+86 2153865192




Address 地址

CAPRARI PUMPS SHANGHAI Floor 4, No. 456 Liangxin Road, Laogang Industrial Park, Pudong, Shanghai 201302 - P.R. OF CHINA




Zip code 邮政编码





Country 国





Website 网站


IE Expo 2018 cn, IE Expo 2018