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CIB Unigas是第一家完…




Full Profile (English) 完整资料(英文)

CIB Unigas, the first company entirely dedicated to the production of gas burners of extraordinarily high quality.
Thanks to its “Zero Emissioni NOx” research project, CIB Unigas is taking an active role in setting new standards in the field of environment-friendly design.

Established in 1972,in the north part of Italy ,CIB UNIGAS  has been growing exponentially ,building specialist  know-how to develop  the Low NOx burners .For over  45 years , CIB UNIGAS  has been designing  and building a complete range of the burners up to 80 MW . For this reason all of our models have always guaranteed levels of pollutant emission that are decidedly lower than the limits required under international legislation for our sector.Thanks to its “Zero EmissioniNOx” research project, CIB Unigas is taking an active role insetting new standards in the field of environment-friendly design.Our intense concern for the environment is also demonstrated by our marketing of innovative Low Nox  burners   ( NOx emissions  < 30 mg/kWh )  systems as an added energy solution for large-scale industrial plants( more than 1.000 installations in China ) .CIB UNIGAS maintaining this leadership involves communicating these values at every stageof production, organization,finance and marketing - in order to share the progress we have achieved with all our clients, as well as among ourselves and our network of representatives.




Full Profile (Chinese) 完整资料(中文)

CIB Unigas是第一家完全致力于生产超高质量燃烧器的公司。得益于其“零排放氮氧化物”研究项目,CIB Unigas积极参与环保设计领域的新标准制定。

CIB UNIGAS成立于1972年,在意大利北部地区,以倍数的速度成长,开发低氮氧化物燃烧器的专业技术。在过去的45年中,CIB UNIGAS一直专注于设计和生产全套最大功率达到80兆瓦的燃烧器,并始终保证产品的污染物排放水平低于国际立法要求的限制。得益于其“零排放氮氧化物”研究项目,CIB Unigas积极参与环保设计领域的新标准制定。我们对创新型低氮氧化物燃烧器(氮氧化物排放




Business Registration Number 统一社会信用代码





Year of establishment 成立时间





Annual turnover 年营业额 (EUR)

25000000 - 50000000




Number of employees 员工人数

100 - 249




Contact person 联系人





Phone number 电话

+39 0499200944




Address 地址





Zip code 邮政编码





Country 国





Website 网站


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