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Full Profile (English) 完整资料(英文)

HYDRO ITALIA has been working in the water treatment field for over 25 years obtaining an ever-increasing experience thanks to which cooperates with the most important worldly plant engineering companies.
So far we have installed systems in the following countries: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, Korea, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, UK, Syria, USA, China, Iran, Argentina, Brazil, India, Thailand, Romania, South Africa.
The development of this experience, according to a precise will of the charter members , has followed two main guidelines closely connected; systems and specific chemical products, pursuing an aim: containing the water consumption by reducing pollutants. At the beginning this philosophy was appreciated by very few operators working in that sector but with the passing of time established itself, becoming the central point of each request.
The high skills of our employees combined with their interest in defence of the environment, has allowed to place our company at the peak of the sector of treatment and recirculation of water in general. The growth of HYDRO ITALIA met a higher interest of Customers in global problems in the sector of water treatment directing the Company to a more exhaustive water policy.
With the help of specialists with long experience in this sector, HYDRO ITALIA has started to design, manufacture and install equipments and systems in the following sectors:


  • Pre-treatment and treatment of process water with any type of technology (ion exchange resins, physical-chemical, flotation, oil separation, evaporation, osmosis, etc.)
  • Drainage final treatment through the most suitable techniques for removal or reuse of pollutants after their treatment
  • Water purifying treatments, filtering, deferrization, manganese removal, softening, demineralisation, microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis
  • Any type of waste water biological treatment
HYDRO ITALIA, following an uninterrupted development, boasts an internal staff able to guarantee, previously with the supplying of “turnkey” installations, a complete running of the after sales assistance placing at the customer’s disposal a chemical department, equipped vehicles and qualified personnel able to guarantee a prompt intervention.




Full Profile (Chinese) 完整资料(中文)

HYDRO ITALIA在水处理领域有着近25年的经验,与世界上最重要的工厂工程公司合作,不断积累相关工作经验。


我们员工的高技能加上他们对环境保护的热爱,使得我们公司在水处理及再循环方面达到了顶峰。HYDRO ITALIA的发展满足了客户对水处理领域全球性问题的极高兴趣,从而指导公司采用更彻底的水务政策。

在该领域拥有丰富经验的专家的帮助下,HYDRO ITALIA在以下领域设计,制造和安装设备和系统:

- 水预处理和水处理的各类技术(离子交换树脂、物理化学、浮选、油分离、蒸发、渗透等)
- 通过最合适的去除或再利用污染物的技术进行最终处理。

- 水净化处理,过滤,延缓,锰去除,软化,脱矿,微过滤,超滤和反渗透
- 任何类型的废水生物处理




Business Registration Number 统一社会信用代码





Year of establishment 成立时间





Annual turnover 年营业额 (EUR)

2000000 - 5000000




Number of employees 员工人数

10 - 49




Contact person 联系人

Solmi Davide




Phone number 电话

+39 051856263




Address 地址

Via E. Torricelli, 79 - Medicina (BO)




Zip code 邮政编码





Country 国





Website 网站


Turang, IE Expo 2018 cn, CIEPEC 2017 cn, IE Expo 2018