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Full Profile (English) 完整资料(英文)

Stokkermill designs and produces machinery for supporting the recycling industry to get highest performances and maximise economic benefits. Stokkermill has adopted a flexible profile very integrated with the local territory: the North East of Italy well known for being one of most European technological areas.
Stokkermill drives and coordinates a cluster of excellent production centers able to carry out the entire production chain in compliance with the directives and strategies of the head office: from design, laboratory tests, research and development up to final production.
Stokkermill has, in this way, created a real “smart” technological factory: light, dynamic, sustainable, integrated with the territory, advanced and innovative. This efficient industrial model is confirmed in the consulting and after sale service. Thanks to a widespread network of collaborators on five continents Stokkermill is always in close contact with the end customer by supporting investment decisions, market analysis, operations and development prospects after sale.




Full Profile (Chinese) 完整资料(中文)

Stokkermill设计和生产用于支持回收行业的机器,以获得最高性能及最大的经济效益。 Stokkermill采用了与当地区域相结合的灵活配置:意大利东北部以欧洲最著名的技术区域之一而闻名。




Business Registration Number 统一社会信用代码





Year of establishment 成立时间





Annual turnover 年营业额 (EUR)

0 - 1000000




Number of employees 员工人数

0 - 9




Contact person 联系人

Tedeschi Piergiorgio




Phone number 电话

+39 3288272193




Address 地址

Via aquileia 22/4 Udine




Zip code 邮政编码





Country 国





Website 网站


IE Expo 2018 cn, IE Expo 2018