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VOMM S.p.A.是一家专…




Full Profile (English) 完整资料(英文)

VOMM Impianti e Processi Spa, is the Italian company specialized in design and manufacturing of continuus plant for thermal treatment of sludge and waste: municipal waste water sludge ( drying and incineration) , waste liquids  concentration, organic fraction of urban waste valorization, hazardous hospital waste sterilization, polluted soil remediation, valorization of any type of wet waste (organic/inorganic) for municipal or private clients. VOMM turbo technology is the most used technology worldwide in the main cities to dry municipal sludge.




Full Profile (Chinese) 完整资料(中文)

VOMM S.p.A.是一家专业从事设计和制造可连续热处理污泥和固废工艺设备的意大利公司,可处理范围包含:污水污泥干化和焚烧、废液浓缩、城市垃圾稳定处理、医疗垃圾灭菌,污染土壤修复,以及任何有机或无机类型湿垃圾的处理,以及为客户或政府提供个性化服务。 VOMM涡轮薄层干化设备,已经广泛用于世界各地主要城市的市政污泥干化和最终处理。




Business Registration Number 统一社会信用代码

IT 04356840159




Year of establishment 成立时间





Annual turnover 年营业额 (EUR)

50000000 - 75000000




Number of employees 员工人数

100 - 249




Contact person 联系人

De Angelis Roberto




Phone number 电话

+86 02156780829




Address 地址

Rozzano, Milano ( Italy) Via Curiel 252




Zip code 邮政编码





Country 国





Website 网站


IE Expo 2018 cn, IE Expo 2018